Sema Graham
I make art for bands and make a zine called Origin (all original unless otherwise noted)
Barista Babe from Pittsburgh to Chicago
Drink coffee. Make art. Punk rock.
I believe that I am queer as well but no one takes me seriously because of how I look and dress and the fact that I am dating a white straight guy.
by Anonymous

Anyone who believes that the person who you’re currently seeing determines your sexual and gender identity is probably not worth your time. 

Well then could you explain what it means to be queer? Like your own personal definition.
by Anonymous

Queer is what made sense to me when nothing else really did. I never really felt like a “girl” or a “boy” and i’ve never really seen myself as “gay” or “straight”. Queer takes the pressure off of trying to fit into a box I never really was cut out for. 

(hope that helps)

Hey could you plz explain the whole queer punk movement to me? I'm just curious :)
by Anonymous

Hahaha! I’m probably not the person to ask about this. While being hella queer I don’t think I’m very punk </3 Also what’s this about a movement? 

why are you still friends with a rapist i don't get it
by Anonymous

tw: rape and abuse

this is a very important question and i’d rather address it personally but i’m very happy you asked.

i truly believe that the person in question is innocent of the allegations against them. i don’t consider myself friends with any rapists. in the situation i believe you are referring to they were definitely in an abusive relationship and had their voice, support and community taken from them when the allegations were brought forward. 

i also truly believe that exile and excommunication are not the ways to deal with cases of rape and abuse. each situation is unique and we must carefully assess which steps should be taken before we take them.

it is important to note that these are things that WE do and not just things that BAD people do. otherwise we create a world in which we place ourselves above people who do “bad” things instead of people who are flawed and taking active steps to right our wrongs and do better.

edit: please talk to me more about this. these are very important issues that i’m working through in multiple places in my life. i apologize if i’ve hurt anyone by my continued association with the person in question.  

Yeah! Back on the 20th. Finally able to walk and function again!

YUUSSSSS!!! Level up! I’m gunna be so stoked to have ya back bud!